The company was founded in 1990 with the name ET "STOYAN GEORGIEV". Starts international operations to destinations Russia and Europe (Germany, Austria) with one truck.

In 1991, three new vehicles with trailers were purchased. Due to the great interest of customers, a fuel tank is also purchased. Buys and develops its own base with warehouses, offices and dining room for the staff.

1992, the first Western Railway Vehicle "Staer" was purchased. In the same year, the company's business developed with cargo from Germany to Iran - the activity continued until 2000.

Since 1996-1997 the company has established a second activity with timber and wooden products for the international markets. The park is being renewed by purchasing brands such as "Man", "Mercedes", "Scania" and "Volvo".

1997 the company has 10 trucks, 10 trailers and its own licensed service for maintenance of its trucks. During this period, the company acquired 80% of the working enterprises in the city as its clients.

1999 founder Stoyan Georgiev made a decision to transfer in particular the capital and all assets of his heirs - spouse Penka Georgieva and children Ilko and Biser Georgievi (with the position of drivers). The structure and name of ET "STOYAN GEORGIEV" in "Georgievi Trans" Ltd. changed.

From this period on, the company does not stop the activity and its development. The first brand new "Volvo", "Mans", "Iveco", were bought. There are contacts and partnerships with international and well-developed freight forwarding agencies such as "DHL", "Somat", "Schenker" and others.

2000-2006 only international transports Bulgaria-Germany are carried out.

2006-2009 a partnership with "BZ-Export" EOOD (with founder Biser Georgiev) was established with the purpose of a specialized unit for the transportation of off-board loads (boats, motor boats, yachts) all over Europe.

In 2009, contacts with Dutch and German freight forwarders were established and an additional transport service unit was created for European countries only, which continues to this day. Over the years, "Georgievi Trans" OOD has chosen only one - "Scania" truck brand and today the company only works with "Scania" V8 engines.

2014, Biser Georgiev becomes the sole owner. The company preserves its integrity and is renamed to "Georgievi Trans" EOOD. Two new "Scania" trucks are being acquired.

2017, is purchased the seventh truck of the new generation "Scania S730".

Nowadays the company does not stop to develop transport and forwarding activities and builds on the already created by its ancestors!

Motto: Quality, Correctness and Accuracy, Everywhere, Anytime !

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