The company works with freight forwarding companies to carry groupage, cargo, heavy and dangerous goods across Europe.

The company has its own fleet for everyone European requirements for Euro class emissions.

The vehicles are "Scania" and trailers (tilt and platforms) "Schmitz".

Light transport up to 3.5 tons.

Drivers assigned to work in the company are highly qualified.

For recruits and drivers with internship, the company conducts a training course to improve knowledge and skills.

With regard to the comfort and security of our customers, staff and drivers, communication with all means of transport is done by means of a GPS and GPRS system, allowing permanent monitoring of the whole fleet, timely intervention in accidents, and voice communication with drivers when necessary. In order to improve the quality of the transport service, specially trained personnel are available at the company's head office around the clock.

Thanks to a well-developed relationship with a number of partners across Europe, we can react for a short period of time and fulfill the task set by the client!

Motto: Quality, Correctness and Accuracy, Everywhere, Anytime !

Mobil. tel. : +359 893 59 85 68
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