Who are we

the beginning

Our company began operation in 1990 under the name AT Stoyan Georgiev Sole Trader and was the first private transport company in its region. In the beginning activities were carried out with a single truck to destinations in the Russian Federation and Europe (Germany, Austria).

Three more vehicles with trailers were purchased in 1991. Due to increased customer interest and in order to meet their needs, a tanker was purchased for fuel transport. In the same year the company acquired its own base with storage facilities, offices and a canteen for staff.

In 1992, cargo transport from Germany to Iran was introduced which continued to 2000. A further Steyr vehicle was purchased.

In the period 1996-1997, another activity was introduced in the field of timber and timber products transportation for international markets.

Fleet renewal began. More trucks were purchased from the MAN, Mercedes, Scania and Volvo brands were purchased. During this period the company owned 10 trucks, 10 trailers, and its own licensed truck maintenance workshop. Already 80% of the companies operating in the city were customers of our company.

In 1999, the founder Stoyan Georgiev decided to change the structure and name of the
company to Georgievi Trans OOD. The company continued to develop and purchased the first new trucks from the MAN, Volvo and Iveco brands. Contacts were established with international and renown forwarding companies such as DHL, Somat, Schenker and others.


Between 2000 – 2006 transport was carried out only on the direction Bulgaria – Germany.

In the period 2006 – 2009, a partnership was established with the company BZ – Export (founded by Mr. Bisser Georgiev) with the aim of creating a specialised unit for the transport of out-of-gauge cargo (boats, motorboats, yachts) throughout Europe.

In 2009 contacts were made with Dutch and German freight forwarding companies and this
led to the creation of an additional unit for transport services to European countries, which are still offered today.

Over the years, the company has narrowed its focus on one truck brand – Scania – and to this day operates only with Scania V8 engines.


In 2014, Mr. Bisser Georgiev took over full management of the company and it was renamed Georgievi Trans ЕOOD. The same year the company acquired two more new Scania trucks.

2017 saw the purchase of the seventh truck – the new generation S730 Scania.

Today the company continues to build on what its predecessors have created, developing and expanding its transport and forwarding activities.